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AuthoritativeEngine Class
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Holds authoritative engine information that is used by SNMPv3 authentication processing.
Object Model
AuthoritativeEngine Class
Public Class AuthoritativeEngine 
   Inherits Engine
Dim instance As AuthoritativeEngine
public class AuthoritativeEngine : Engine 
public __gc class AuthoritativeEngine : public Engine 
public ref class AuthoritativeEngine : public Engine 
The following example demonstrates adding a v3 user to an Agent's authorized users collection.
private void addUser(string username, string authPass, AuthenticationProtocol authProt, string privPass, PrivacyProtocol privProt)
    agent1.Security.AuthoritativeEngine.Users.Add(username, new User(username, authPass, authProt, privPass, privProt));
Private Sub addUser(ByVal username As String, ByVal authPass As String, ByVal authProt As AuthenticationProtocol, ByVal privPass As String, ByVal privProt As PrivacyProtocol)
    agent1.Security.AuthoritativeEngine.Users.Add(username, New User(username, authPass, authProt, privPass, privProt))
End Sub
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