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ClassAttachment A MIME part that has a "Content-Disposition: attachment" header label. Supports non-MIME uu-encoded attachments. Content represents the file on disk.
ClassAuthenticatedSession Holds authentication configuration used by transport protocols.
ClassBaseEventArgs Base class for event arguments.
ClassClientSecurity Holds the configuration used to establish an SSL client session.
ClassComponentBase Base class for PowerTCP Components.
ClassContentDisposition Provides decoding support missing from System.Net.Mime.ContentDisposition.
ClassContentType Provides decoding support missing from System.Net.Mime.ContentType.
ClassDartLicenseException The base class for all Dart component license exceptions.
ClassData Encapsulates data read or written.
ClassDataEventArgs Provides data for reporting events.
ClassDataException Thrown when the expected data could not be read.
ClassDeliveryStatusNotification Specifies the Delivery Status Notification (DSN) options to use when sending mail using SMTP.
ClassErrorEventArgs Provides data for the Error event.
ClassHeaderDictionary Provides a Dictionary of HeaderField objects using the header field name as the lookup key. See HeaderKey for common header field names.
ClassHeaderField Provides encoding, decoding, parsing and manipulation for mail header fields (lines in the mail header).
ClassHeaderKey Provides header field name strings that are used to index into HeaderDictionary.
ClassHtmlpart Specializes Textpart using "text/html" ContentType.
ClassImap Integrates Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4) functionality into any .NET application.
ClassImapAlertEventArgs Provides data for the Imap.Alert event.
ClassImapMessage Represents a message the IMAP server is managing.
ClassImapProgressEventArgs Provides data for Imap.Progress.
ClassImapResponse Represents a single line response from an IMAP server.
ClassImapSearchParameter Represents a search criteria for Mailbox.Search.
ClassImapSession Holds configuration specialized for Imap.
ClassImapUpdateEventArgs Provides data for Imap.Update.
ClassImapUTF7 Provides modified UTF-7 encoding for encoding/decoding Mailbox.Name.
ClassIPEndPoint Allows user to specify a range of IPEndPoints for local binding. Also resolves hostnames and saves them for future use.
ClassMailBase Base class used by Pop, Imap and Smtp.
ClassMailbox Represents a mailbox on the IMAP server.
ClassMailboxCollection A List of Mailbox objects sorted by Mailbox.Name.
ClassMailMessage PowerTCP object model of an RFC 822 email message.
ClassMailSecurity Specializes ClientSecurity with configuration properties used by Mail connections.
ClassMailSession Holds configuration common to all email transport protocols.
ClassMessageBase Abstract base class for server-side mail messages.
ClassMessagepart A MIME part that has a "Content-Type: message/rfc822" header label and does not have "Content-Disposition: attachment" header label.
ClassMultipart Implements base functionality for all multi-part mail parts.
ClassMultipartContent Multi-part content (a List of parts) that follows the header.
ClassPart Implements base functionality for all mail classes that have a header and a body.
ClassPartCollection<T> Base class that implements a generic List that operates on Multipart.Parts.
ClassPipelineSendException Thrown when a message fails to be sent using the SMTP Pipelining extension.
ClassPop Integrates Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) functionality into any .NET application, allowing applicationS to easily download Internet mail.
ClassPopMessage Represents a message the POP server is managing.Represents a message the POP server is managing.
ClassPopMessageCollection A List of PopMessage objects representing the mail messages on the POP server.
ClassPopProgressEventArgs Provides data for Pop.Progress.
ClassProgressEventArgs Base class for PopProgressEventArgs, ImapProgressEventArgs and SmtpProgressEventArgs.
ClassProtocolException Thrown when an upper-layer protocol like FTP, SMTP or POP3 receives a negative response from the server.
ClassProxy Describes the server proxy, if any, to connect to.
ClassRecipient Associates a recipient's System.Net.Mail.MailAddress with the response received from the server when the address was submitted.
ClassResource Implements base functionality for classes that have a header and a single part (not multi-part).
ClassSecurity Holds the configuration used to establish an SSL session.
ClassSegment Used to describe a byte[] segment that holds data.
ClassSession Holds the configuration common to UDP and TCP.
ClassSmtp Integrates Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) functionality into any .NET application, allowing applications to easily send Internet mail.
ClassSmtpProgressEventArgs Provides data for Smtp.Progress.
ClassSmtpResult Represents the results from an SMTP send operation.
ClassSmtpSession Holds configuration specialized for Imap.
ClassSocketBase Base class for PowerTCP Components.
ClassSocketOption Contains socket options that may be set by TCP and UDP sockets. These options are automatically applied to the connection used.
ClassTcpBase Base class for components utilizing protocols built upon the TCP protocol.
ClassTcpSession Holds the configuration used by TCP.
ClassTcpSocketOption Contains socket options that may be set by TCP sockets.
ClassTextpart Implements a part used to encapsulate Unicode characters.
ClassUserStateEventArgs Provides data for ComponentBase.UserState. Base class for EventArgs that have Message and UserState properties.
DelegateTcpAsyncCallback References the method to invoke on an IO completion thread when the corresponding asynchronous operation completes.
EnumerationAuthentication Enumerates the values of MailSession.Authentication.
EnumerationConnectionState Enumerates the possible values of the connection state.
EnumerationDataDirection Enumerates the direction of data flow.
EnumerationDigestAlgorithm Algorithms used to sign (hash) an S/MIME message.
EnumerationEncrypt Enumerates the techniques used to establish SSL connections.
EnumerationEncryptingAlgorithm Possible symmetric algorithms used to encrypt an S/MIME message.
EnumerationForwardFormat The supported formats used for forwarding an existing message.
EnumerationImapCode Represents IMAP response codes.
EnumerationImapCriterion Details criterion for the IMAP SEARCH command.
EnumerationImapFlags Represents IMAP flags.
EnumerationImapMessageInfo Represents the section(s) of an IMAP message when partial messages are retrieved.
EnumerationImapStatus Enumerates IMAP status codes.
EnumerationPopMessageInfo Enumerates the possible values of PopMessage.Info.
EnumerationPriority Possible values of MailMessage.Priority.
EnumerationProxyType Enumerates the provided proxy support that can be used.
EnumerationSecureEncoding Possible S/MIME encoding exposed by the message (which may have multiple nested encodings). Only the exposed encoding is known.
EnumerationTransferEncoding Enumerates the transfer encoding algorithms used on part content.
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