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InformMessage Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by InformMessage.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorInformMessage Constructor Creates and initializes a new instance of the InformMessage class.  
Public Fields
Public FieldCommunity Gets or sets the community field in the message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public FieldSecurity Gets or sets the Security instance to use for encoding/encrypting and decoding/decrypting SNMP version 3 messages. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.StandardMessage)
Public FieldTag Gets or sets a value that can store any associated object. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public Properties
Public PropertyDecodingException Returns the reason why the message did not pass all decoding checks. All sequences embedded in the PDU are checked. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyDeliveryStatus Indicates whether the message was sent or received. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyDestination Gets or sets the destination of a received or sent message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyEncodedMessage Returns the encoded message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyId Gets or sets the request identification field in the message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.StandardMessage)
Public PropertyOid Gets or sets the OID of the trap that specifies what variables are included.  
Public PropertyOrigin Gets or sets the origin of a received or sent message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertySysUpTime Gets or sets (in hundredths of a second) the time since the agent sending the message was initialized.  
Public PropertyTimeStamp Gets the DateTime that the message was created or encoded. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyVariables Gets or sets the VariableCollection containing the IDs and their associated values in the message. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public PropertyVersion Gets or sets the SNMP version used for encoding. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
Public Methods
Public MethodEncodeOverloaded. Overridden.  Encodes all SNMP version 1/2 messages.  
Public MethodToStringReturns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Dart.Snmp.MessageBase)
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